Welcome to Cesc Fàbregas Academy 2016

It is already the 8th place where I can share with all of you what I have learnt day by day with different clubs, managers and teammates. Planned under rigour and enthusiasm premises, it has been specially designed for boys and girls between 7 and 17 years of age, and it will take place in different countries during next summer. Seven very intense days where you will learn all the essential aspects of a football player, like technique, understanding of the game and having a healthy diet, besides many other ludic and sports activities. But above all you will learn the values that have always been with me as a person and as a player, and you will also train intuition, something that has always guided me. I invite you to join this community. However, to attend to the Cesc Fàbregas Academy there is only one condition: you should come willing to learn and ready to have a good time!
I'm waiting for you, Cesc.



Cesc Fàbregas Academy presents its 2015 Plan Sponsorship enough to promote further communication strategy of companies. We offer associate their corporate image and promote their products and services with our values ​​of CFA , built to promote the training and personal development of children and youth around the world thanks to soccer practice.